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History was written in blood. Most wars were waged over territory.

Today, science, creativity and knowledge replaced land as the source of wealth. Land can be conquered. Not science. Science is global, borderless. Armies can’t conquer it.

Yet, still, Lawless terrorists spread violence caused by ideological differences, social gaps and sheer fanaticism. The new millennium must liberate the world, from bloodshed, from discrimination, from hunger, from ignorance, from maladies. continue reading…

Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Following the July 26th deadly Yasur (CH053) helicopter crash, Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan, has departed for a special visit to Romania on Thursday (Aug. 12). Maj. Gen. Nehushtan, will be accompanied by his colleague, the Romanian Air Force Commander, and together they will fly to the crash site in the Carpathian Mountains to visit the area.

In the afternoon, the IAF Commander and a special Israeli delegation made up of personnel from the Yasur helicopter formation and the 669 Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit will join Israeli President Shimon Peres at the Jewish synagogue in Bucharest for a ceremony in commemoration of the Israeli soldiers killed in the crash. The Romanian Jewish community, Romanian senior officials and representatives of the Romanian military and air force will attend the ceremony as well.

In the evening, the IAF Commander and the Israeli President are expected to attend a dinner hosted by the Romanian President.

On Friday (Aug. 13), Maj. Gen. Nehushtan, the Israeli President and the members of the delegation will participate in an official ceremony in commemoration of the holocaust victims of Bucharest and will meet with the Romanian Chief of the General Staff.

The delegation is scheduled to return to Israel on Friday afternoon.