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Over the past three days, two op-eds have appeared in two of America’s largest and most respected newspapers calling for Obama to speak with the Israelis and to show even-handedness when dealing with the Middle East.

On 7/30/09, the Washington Post published an op-ed, “Tough on Israel” which calls on Preseident Barak Obama to “to show both sides that they can trust him — and he must be tough on more than one country.” continue reading…

Today, 25 June, marks three years since Gilad Shalit was captured by Hamas.  On this occasion, a rally was held in New York City’s Times Square at which Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom called for the world to act for the resolution of this humanitarian issue.  You can see some of the footage of the event in the video above.

The State of Israel today released 224 Palestinian prisoners, thereby implementing a government decision made on 07 December. The release of prisoners is meant as a measure of building confidence in the moderate government of President Mahmoud Abbas and in the process of negotiations he has undertaken with Israel. Israel’s actions also send the message that the pursuit of terrorism and violence cannot achieve anything. Today’s prisoner release comes in honor of the Eid al-Adha holiday and in deference to the high priority given to this issue within Palestinian society. The Jerusalem Post has further information on these developments.