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Israeli delegation members preparing Jan. 14 for their departure to Haiti

As the events in Haiti unfold and the pictures make their way across the globe, it is impossible not to be profoundly moved. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of life and our hearts and prayers go out to the Haitian people. As the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti needs the full support of the international community to provide food, water and medical treatment for the millions affected by this disaster.

Even as far away as Israel, the news has shocked our conscious. The State of Israel is striving to do everything it can to contribute to the rescue and recovery efforts. In this time of great need, countries big and small from all corners of the world are coming together for the people of Haiti.

Later tonight, 2 IDF cargo planes will depart for Haiti carrying medical and rescue specialists. The IDF delegation will construct a field hospital in the disaster area that will include 220 personnel. The hospital will be able to provide care for approximately 500 patients each day, including those in need of immediate surgery.

The Home Front command forces will include 30 rescue workers, task force intelligence, logistics forces and a communications department, in addition to search and rescue and population aid experts from the Home Front Commands Search and Rescue Unit.

We hope that with every country providing what they can, it will be enough to ensure that the worst has already passed for the Haitian people.

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Iran’s recent withdrawal from a deal to export its uranium has caused many to question what course of action will produce results. Sanctions? Another treaty? According to an editorial featured in the New York Times by Alan J. Kuperman, the answer is a targeted military strike. Kuperman cites Israel’s successful 1981 airstrike on the Osirak reactor in Iraq as an example of the use of military action to sever the legs of a nation’s nuclear program.

As the director of the National Proliferation Program at the University of Texas at Austin, Kuperman is a highly respected figure on the subject.

You can find his full piece, entitled “There’s Only One Way to Stop Iran,” by clicking here.

Photo provided by Wikipedia Commons.

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