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What Is Sea Freight?

Sea freight is a technique of shipping huge amounts of merchandise using cargo ships; products are packed into containers and loaded onto a vessel, from whence they are transported to their final destination country. Sea freight is a cost-effective method of transporting large quantities of merchandise since a typical cargo vessel can hold 18,000 containers (TEU).

A normal cargo ship is capable of transporting up to 18,000 of these containers! Due to the large amount of room available aboard a sea freight vessel, space is less expensive than in other forms of transport, such as airlines.

Who Makes Use of Sea Freight?

Sea Freight to NZ

Sea freight is frequently utilized by those importing from China or other parts of the world. Sea freight shipment is typically the least expensive form of shipping for individuals purchasing stock overseas (and hence bulk items). If you’re importing a large number of products, sea freight may be the most cost-effective method.

How Long Does It Take for Sea Freight to Arrive?

There are several elements to consider while determining the duration of maritime freight. To begin, the time spent on water and the time it takes for shipments to arrive at their destination are distinct; owing to the procedure of sea freight (which we will describe later in this piece), the products must pass through a number of processes before they reach the vessel and then again once they depart. Additionally, the location of your products has an effect on the time required for maritime freight. This is fundamental geography – some locations are physically farther apart than others!

Typically, a week will be added to either end of the procedure in addition to your time on the water. For instance, if you’re importing from central China, the period on the water may be 30 days – but you’ll need to add two weeks to that 30 days to account for customs clearance in both nations. Regrettably, delays in maritime freight might add time to your cargo. We’ve dedicated a whole page to sea freight shipping delays and how to avoid them. The majority of delays occur when importers lack all required documents or when their goods are held up at customs. If you’re prepared, you shouldn’t have any concerns! Additionally, if you ship with us at Shippo, we assist you in getting all of your ducks in a row and assisting with your documentation.

Transport by Sea vs. Air vs.  Couriers

Sea Freight to NZ

When importing to the United Kingdom, you have a variety of international transport options. Courier services are your standard door-to-door delivery; you’re probably aware of companies like Hermes and UPS. For tiny packages. When your products are loaded onto a plane rather than a vessel, this is called air freight for more than couriers but less than sea freight. When your products are put aboard a boat, this is referred to as sea freight. This mode of shipping is optimal for bulk goods.

Each form of transport is optimal for a certain sort of shipment. If you’re searching for the least expensive method of importing products, sea freight is the most economical; nevertheless, it takes the longest. Both air freight and courier services are significantly faster (typically 3-6 days delivery time), but because the trucks are smaller, space inside is more expensive. Therefore they are both pricey. Depending on the shipping parameters applicable to your consignment, your shipping firm will adjust your overall sea freight rates to account for the additional charges.

How Much Does Sea Freight Cost?

When shipping by water, there are several sea freight expenses to consider. First, consider the critical phases in the import process. To begin, you must pay for sea freight; if you are shipping FCL (full container load), you will be susceptible to variations in sea freight rates… However, we’ll address maritime freight charges later! If you’re shipping LCL, rate swings shouldn’t be a problem. However, the procedure involves additional stages in addition to the actual shipping – such as the fees associated with customs clearance.

Explanation of Sea Freight Rates

The shipping lines set the prices for sea freight; they determine how much sea freight utilizing their boats will cost you at any given moment. However, the difficulty with these freight rates is that they are known to fluctuate; before we explain why this occurs, let us demonstrate how much they fluctuate month to month.

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