The Holidays in Sderot

Overview of the “State of Calm”

A unilateral decision by Hamas has officially ended the “State of Calm” declared in June. For an overview of the escalation in the situation over the past week and a look back on the past six months, see this PDF document.

Text of Ambassador Shalev’s Letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

22 Dec 2008: I am writing to you to convey Israel’s strong protest following the recent escalation on the ground in southern Israel in the last few days, initiated by the Hamas terror organization.
This latest escalation took place only few days after the Security Council adopted resolution 1850. While we were all congratulating the positive progress that was made during the last year in promoting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Hamas announced the end of the “state of calm”.
For more, see the website of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hamas Uses State of Calm to Rearm

Since the lull arrangement first became effective ( June 19, 2008 ), there has been a meaningful decrease in the volume of rocket fire and mortar shelling at Israeli population centers in the western Negev . Likewise, the IDF has halted its counterterrorist activities in the Gaza Strip. The calm that has settled over the region, sporadically violated by rogue terrorist organizations, is used by Hamas and other terrorist organizations (the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees) to promote their military buildup, a process which started before the lull. The military buildup during the lull in the fighting continues unhindered, taking advantage of the cessation of the IDF’s activity in the Gaza Strip.
See the rest of the article and an in-depth analysis from the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.

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