Head of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, General Patrick O’Reilly announced on Monday that Israel will integrate its missile systems into a region-wide effort to protect U.S. interests and personnel. The ‘Iron Dome’ system, which is battlefield tested, is the first system in the world capable of shooting down incoming rockets. While Israel’s missile defense systems were originally designed to protect its citizens from Hamas and Hezbollah – terrorist groups which have launched thousands rockets and missiles into Israel the system is extremely advanced, able to intercept large ICBMs launched from Iran.

Israel will be teaming up with its greatest ally and friend, the United States, to develop a region-wide missile defense system to protect the United States and its allies. The regional defense system, in addition to protecting U.S. bases, may also be used to protect U.S. allies, theoretically even ones which do not have diplomatic ties with Israel.

While Iron Dome is an Israeli program, it was done in cooperation with a number of U.S. security firms, having even been tested on U.S. soil. Israel and the United States are both committed to the security of the other, and the Jewish State is more than happy to be taking the lead on this one.


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