The Orbaum sisters, while 19, have actually spent two decades together if you count their time spent in the womb. Identical triplets, they share an amazing bond that few can understand. As sisters, they always stuck together, attending the same schools and sharing every milestone in life together. Like all Israelis, their paths have led them to serve their country in Israel’s armed forces.

Growing up, the Orbaum girls may have loathed being dressed in matching outfits, but today, they all don the same khaki uniforms for their service in Israel’s Air Force. While all three are in the IAF, being assigned to different divisions is perhaps the first time they have been separated. But they are united in their mission, serving the State of Israel.

“We didn’t all decide to joint the IAF,” explained Odelia, the oldest of the triplets (by a minute). “That is just how it worked out.”

Odelia works as a control officer in the IAF’s command-and-control center near Tel Aviv; Nomi is an air traffic control officer at the IAF’s Palmahim Base; and Donna is currently in training for a different IAF position near Herzliya.

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