Thanks again to all of you who sent in your questions and comments! We answered a ton of them live but there were many more you all sent in that we would like to respond to! Below, find our “overtime” segment for the twitter press conference!

@floatingstone: Why are all of these knives so nice and shiny? If they had really been used, they would be bloody

These are the ones that weren’t used. The ones that stabbed our soldiers are not so clean. Click here to see what was recovered.

@hybridstates: Is a keffiyeh a weapon? Why is there one in the photos of “weapons”? How’s it possible soldiers violently beaten by many metal poles, as you suggest, weren’t more seriously injured?

Kaffiyeh not a weapon & many Israelis wear it. Some of our soldiers still in hospital. Is that violent enough?

@palfairtrade: So you’re moving from paintballs to electric saws now. What’s next? Ray guns? Death star? Poison tipped unicorns?

It was IDF using the paintball guns. It was “peace” activists who tried to saw off a soldier’s arm. Here’s a pic of the saws used against the soldiers.

@israeliwine: How is the soldier who was thrown from the deck? Will he be okay?

He is still in the hospital.

@floatingstone: Will you give back all the money you stole from the 700 activists?

Not yet decided but see what US government did with Hamas money. Here’s the US Treasury’s website on Hamas “charities.”

@cliffcheney: Will Israel release continuous unedited video from the IDF Cameras during #flotilla assault? Timeline is needed.

Find multiple videos from different angles at YouTube, CNN, FOX, Turkish TV, Al Jazeera etc.

@smabres: Why phones and video where taken away from aid workers? Wouldn’t it be better to have both sides of the story

There were no aid workers on #flotilla. Personal belongings were returned. Between all media coverage all ‘sides’ of story are covered.

@katrinayellow: why did Israel take so long to release the footage showing IDF soldiers being beaten viciously?

We agree we need to be quicker.

@israeliwine and @katrinayellow: some say Israeli intelligence should have known the trouble that was being planned on that ship. Did they?

We expected violence but not guns, knives & stun grenades. Here’s a pic of them throwing a stun grenade as first shot.

@floatingstone and @davemreed: Israel had many options at their disposal yet they decided to choose the most violent in the dead of night. Why

This was last resort. Here’s a clip of repeated warning messages sent out to boats. Do you think midday would have been less violent?

@floatingstone: Is there a future for a country such as Israel who continually flouts international law

Israel broke not even a single international law. Check out ICRC law on maritime law here, its proof. Send us your email, would love to invite you to 100th anniversary in 2048.

@lheal: Were any former Guantanamo Bay detainees on the Flotilla?

We don’t know.

@WildlyStaccato: Do you really think Libya, Pakistan & Cuba are the countries who should appoint HR investigators of Israel? Its a joke!

Not a joke. Welcome to our world…

@MNathanson: Why not meet the ships & with an int’l partner (Canada? Netherlands?), conduct a collaborative inspection?

We offered to transfer any of their goods thru Egypt or UN. Is that int’l enough?

@hemara74: Excluding #flotilla dead, 20+ n/v protestors (Pal. & Int.) killed by IDF since ’03. Time to review IDF MO?

I wish the IHH and other “humanitarian” orgs would review themselves like IDF does.

@omercelik: Which law lets you to inspect an aid ship on International Waters?

ICRC International Law – Section IV, Article 10 and Section V, Article 67 (a)

@ranchomiller: What is Israel doing to counteract the antagonistic media?

Very important for us to answer you directly, that’s why we do things like Twitter!

@kthalps: If #Israel is justified by self-defense, aren’t ppl on flotilla? Or r we supposed 2 believe THEY started fight w armed commandos?

No belief necessary, watch this video of throwing grenades at us before we came on board here. After you break the law you lose right to self defense.

@avinunu: If Israel is “at war” with Gaza, hence blockade, don’t Palestinians have a right to self-defense against you?

The boat was Turkish, not Palestinian & not from Gaza.

@avinunu: Are you denying you have been negotiating with Hamas through German mediation for more than a year?

No. We negotiated only prisoner exchange. Hamas refuses further negotiations!

@avinunu: Is fmr Mossad chief Halevy a Hamas supporter for saying Israel should make truce with Hamas?

Israel is a democracy, as such everyone has a right to express their own opinion

@floatingstone: When Mark Negev was asked about the Turkish aid being accompanied by military he almost laughed. Why?

Don’t know, ask Mark Regev.

@hemara74: so when Regev states emphatically “all aid” he really means only 30 or so items not banned

No, he means all non-violent aid. See link.

@gazamom: I would if Israel allows me back to Gaza, then share it with the 65% of babies who are anemic

If true, another example of Palestinian suffering under Hamas. Hamas must change priorities from weapons to taking care of their people

@amities: are you guys just throwing out excuses for your massacre of Gaza flotilla and see what sticks?

Massacre? 23 people dead in Pakistan on Sat. 90 in last 2 weeks in Thailand. Arab world ironically likes to abuse that word.

@jacobrothstein: Wow, that #askisrael “press conference” was short and content-light. Google moderator / uservoice / quora would have been better.

Thanks for the input. We are always looking to improve our communication with the public.

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