The fourth and final part of our summary from the Civilian Press Conference that took place on twitter earlier today. The conversations were ‘expanded’ (meaning we removed the short ‘twitter talk’ and re-wrote fully spelled words) but otherwise unchanged.

This may be the end of the questions that we got to answer during the “Press Conference” today, but now we can turn our attention to the questions we couldn’t answer due to lack of time. Thanks again! and stay tuned for more answers.

misscharlie: Will you blog more thorough answers to the most-asked questions?

We hope to have a FAQ on

gerrykirk: We’ve seen time and again that violence provokes a violent response. Isn’t it time for a more creative solution?

The solution is dialogue, but we cannot and must not ignore attacks on our civilians.

eyeman1: Will birthright travelers be rerouted away from potential terror attacks?

The conflict is now restricted to the Gaza radius, though still endangering 500,000 people. In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, life is continuing normally.

kppotatoes: Do you think Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories help peace progress?

Israel left Gaza in 2005 to send a message of peace. The answer to this
overture was more rockets

penalba: How effective did you find building the wall?

Since Israel completed the security barrier, almost no terrorist attacks have taken place. See

shahidkamal: Your nation has been disgraced on Twitter. This inverted Nuremberg Trial will not rescue your image.

The point of this was to hear what people have to and to share our point of view with fellow twitters.

xylem: Is the Gaza action to shake the Palestinian people’s faith in the Hamas leadership so they change it from within?

We believe talking is the best way, but we’ll talk only to factions that accept our right to live–a right Hamas denies.

langtind: Why does everybody criticize you for closing the border, when Egypt has done the same?

We also don’t understand. Do you think US or another state would open its border to enemies?

AriNahmani: What is the biggest misconception about Israel in the current conflict? Thanks from Tel Aviv.

That Israel provoked it. People forget that 10000+ missiles and mortar rounds have been launched from Gaza since 2001.

penalba: Why don’t you try peaceful efforts toward Palestine? Just like Daniel Barenboim did?

We did. For example, allowing in international aid, withdrawing from Gaza, signing the Oslo accords, releasing prisnoners.  How did Hamas respond?

DAPPERDUDE: Would Israel consider transfering some of Palestinian Authority forces into Gaza?

This should be decided by the Palestinian Authority. Previously, there have been bloody clashes between PA and Hamas forces.

churchillone: How is a police station in Gaza a “military installation”? Stop the lying and please answer me!!!!

Since Hamas took control over Gaza in 2007, Government installations were turned into Hamas military bases. Today, all Hamas activity is done from Police stations.  See:

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