Today’s “Press Conference” on Twitter was great. Thank you to everyone who posted, followed, participated, etc. Below, we’ve posted some of the questions and answers from this session. We’ll try to put up more answers soon; keep checking in.

The conversations were ‘expanded’ (meaning we removed the short ‘twitter talk’ and re-wrote fully spelled words) but otherwise unchanged.

@rafaelprince: Is a 48-hour cease-fire (as proposed by France) a possible scenario for assessing Hamas’s intentions?
Israel is pro cease-fire, but our experience shows these are used to strengthen
Hamas. The first cease-fire was terminated by Hamas. We’d rather
negotiate than fight.

@misscharlie: Have the attacks in Gaza changed Israel’s policies regarding the Palestinian Authority?
Israel continues to work with the PA to further diplomatic negotiations.

@carrotderek: Is there a connection between the airstrikes and the upcoming election in Israel?
No, the sole purpose of this operation is to protect Israel’s southern border and allow Israelis to live safely.  This operation is indiferrent to politics.

@eastmad: Will Israel try to block emergency aid getting to Gaza from the outside world?
Israel has let in aid today, including trucks from the UNRWA, Red Cross, and World Food Programme.  over the past 6 months or calm, Israel has let in cargo from 17000 trucks.

@backlotops: One side has to stop. Why continue what hasn’t worked (mass arial/ground retaliation)? What about the Arab Peace Initiative?
We are for negotiations and are currently holding talks with the Palestinian Authority on the 2 state solution. However, we only talk with those who  accept our right to live.

@peoplesworld: 40 years of military confrontation hasn’t brought security to Israel, why is this different?
We have to protect our citizens.  The only way forward is through negotiations.  Israel left Gaza in 2005 in a bid for
peace. Why has Hamas responded to this overture with missiles?

@ajmil0: Is there any chance that the PA or Egypt would help Israel’s military in a ground invasion or in general?
There are no allied forces involved in this operation.  We appreciate the efforts by Egypt and the Palestinian Authority to bring about an end to the rocket fire. We see they are excercising their better, judgement.

@knkyvxn: How many Palestinian lives are worth one Israeli life?
There is no equation. Every wounded and killed civilian is mourned. Israel is aiming only at Hamas terrorists.

What steps are being taken about the humanitarian situation in the Gaza? Is it enough?
Israel does everything in its power to prevent deterioration of situation.

Regarding the MV DIGNITY incident with Israeli vessel, can you explain what ship did what when?
The Dignity didn’t respond to calls to halt and rammed an IDF ship. It was escorted out to international waters. Until this operation, ships were let in; they are not let in now to keep them from harm.

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