The second part of our summary from the Civilian Press Conference that took place on twitter earlier today. The conversations were ‘expanded’ (meaning we removed the short ‘twitter talk’ and re-wrote fully spelled words) but otherwise unchanged.

shelisrael: Why have you chosen to come on Twitter. Is that not political in itself?
We saw debate on Twitter and saw people who had unreliable information. We felt Twitter would be a good way to put an official voice out there.

Another question: If you are at war with Palestine, then they have every right to attack Israel in order to protect themselves.
We’re not at war with the Palestinian people. We’re at war with Hamas–a group declared a terrorist organization by the US and the EU.

lagwolt: What are you doing to ensure the media is objective when covering the conflict?
This is one of our attempts to open Israel up to questions, in addition to using the mainstream media.

rahathartoush: How will you deal with oncoming humanitarian crisis in Gaza? (Situation was dire before Israel’s attack.)
The border crossing into Gaza have remained open for humanitarian aid. See, for example:

anotherpundit: What is your definition of “terrorism”?
We have the same definition as the rest of the international community: targeting civilians.

penalba: Do you accept HAMAS as a democratically elected government?
Democracy is not only casting a vote at the polls; it is a set of values including: free speech, tolerance, respect for others with differing viewpoints.

eastmad: If everyone in Gaza holds a bit of a Qassam, will you try to kill them all?
As you can see on CNN a Hamas rocket brigade is pretty easy to spot. Unfortunately, they use civilians as human shields.

knkyvxn: Please explain what a Hamas militant looks like. How old? What gender?
What do they wear? Where do they live? Where do they walk?

They fire Qassams at Israeli civilians.  See, for example:

rahathartoush: Do you think it’s possible for people with such a bloody history to ever forgive each other and move forward?
Israel seeks to live in peace with her neighbors. As a result, we are working with the Palestinian Authority and other moderates toward a two-state solution.

Amy2Israel: Can you update us on the 48 hour ceasefire?
As of now we have no more data on the matter.

joelpollak: What is the objective of the Gaza operation? To deter Hamas? To destroy Hamas? Also, what is your PR plan for next week?
To stop the rockets fired at 500,000 Israelis

How much attention does Israel pay to the religious motivation of Hamas and its effect on their method and tactics?
Hamas has declared jihad on Israel. This means they will go to any extreme to injure Israeli citizens. In addition, they have activated their suicide bombers

isaacson: Its interesting that Hezbollah is sitting this one out. I wonder why.
We’re keeping our eyes on the situation in Lebanon.

xjimenez: The Obama transition team has been relatively “silent online” regarding
the Gaza violence.  Has Israel been in contact with them?
See: ”

You didn’t get my point that Hammas is an elected government, and if you keep attacking them, then they have the right to attack you.
If Hamas’s goals were to better the lives of its citizens, they wouldn’t target Israel. They would invest in education and health, not in bombs.

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